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Geforce gtx 1070 mining on the example of msi gaming x nvidia

# Equipment

Hey, folks. I want to tell you about gtx 1070 msi geforce gaming x 8gb from nvidia. I bought it for 33000 rubles. We will test different algorithms, as well as dual mining.

geforce gtx 1070 майнинг

1070 mining

I think the 1070 graphics card mining is one of the most profitable to date. It’s good for both the air and the zkash. And many other currencies like Sia, lbc, neo, sig. But it’s not good at minitating moneros. Also, the consumption of 1070 in mining is small, which is very good for both electricity (and wiring) and power supply. We will test ether, zkash, dual maning, monero, libra, sia. We will also find out which 1070 to choose for mining.

We’ll start with the most popular one.

1,070 mining.

Okay, let’s start with the runoff parameters.

gtx 1070 майнинг эфира

As we can see, we almost reach 26 mh/s. Basically, for gtx 1070 gtx runoff it’s normal to mingle the air.

Now let’s do gtx 1070 overclocking for the air mining.

разгон gtx 1070 +для майнинга

That’s not a bad thing I’d say. But I still advised to change a little, the core clock to 100, and the memorials to +650, as well as power limit 90. And it’s almost 30.5 mh/s. The power consumption of 1070 – mining of the air is about 120 watts pure from the card, very good result. Now it’s an interesting currency, too.

There’s an article on broadcast mining for beginners.- Mining how to start.

1070 zcash mining

And so let’s start with the 1070’s performance in molding out of the box without acceleration.

1070 майнинг zec

As we can see on 1070 zec mining in the drain is not bad either. Now let’s speed it up a little.

разгон 1070 для майнинга zcash

As we can see the acceleration of 1070 for mining zcash gives out almost 500 sol/s. Do not forget to lower the limit to 90. Consumption is about 130 watts.

Full article and configuration of zec mining.- mining zcash.

1070 mining lbc

Now geforce 1070 mining lbry, let’s see how much she gives out of the box.

gtx 1070 скорость майнинга

As we can see, gtx 1070 lbc mining speed is good, but what happens if we accelerate?

разгон 1070 для майнинга

The standard 1070 overclocking for mining gave a good result with 120 watts consumption. Now it’s a more interesting test.

There’s a more detailed article on configuring the molding libra- mining lbry.

Gtx 1070 dual mining

We will test in 2 modes – eth + sia, eth + dcr. Setting the overclocking 1070 for mining will be our standard +105 core, +600 memory, 90 ver limit.

Dual mining at 1070 with standard parameters eth + dcr.

gtx 1070 dual майнинг

As you can see, in a dual on the second currency gives a little, if you compare it with the same rx 400 from AMD.

Let’s try eth + sia on the stock.

дуал майнинг на 1070

There’s a better result.

Now let’s do the same only to the standard 1070 video card overclocking for mining.

разгон видеокарты 1070 для майнинга

As you can see, there is an increase in airtime, but dcr is almost no increase, so not an option.

Now let’s see eth + sia geforce gtx 1070 setting for the standard (overclocking) mining.

geforce gtx 1070 разгон для майнинга

There’s a good increase, both ways. I think it’s a better duel.

And a couple more currencies.

1070 sia mining

After testing the dual mining, it became interesting to test the sia single mining. And what we got:

1070 mining

Not bad, now dispersal of nvidia 1070 video card for sia mining.

разгон видеокарты nvidia 1070 для майнинга

As you can see, the result is there. How much it will be in the money, you have to count at the rate. One last thing:

Mining moneros at 1070.

The results are not so good, there are no screenshots left. Under acceleration of +150 kernel, +500 memory she gave 630 hashes. At 110 watts.

And so I would like to clarify that the setting of gtx 1070 for mining was in afterburner msi. Optimal acceleration of 1070 for mining each algorithm has its own, our acceleration was like a golden mean. The temperature of gtx 1070 for mining is desirable to be no more than 75 degrees, although the maps themselves are very cold.

Drivers for 1070 mining is better to put the latest version of nvidia, for mining will fit almost all.

1070 gtx payback in mining is one of the fastest, specifically how many days can not be said, as different rates, prices and so on.

The best 1070 gtx payback in mining

Which 1070 is better for a mini book? Many people ask this question, it depends on the price in your store.

In my opinion, the best gtx 1070 for mining is… There are several:

From palit, either dual or jetstream. Dual is cheaper, jetstream is more expensive, but it has much better cooling. These cards have never shown themselves badly, very good value for money – quality. Also good cards from MSI gaming, as in this article.

I think the topic about gtx 1070 mining is described in full. If something is not clear, ask questions in the comments.

I advise you to read it as well:

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Thank you all for your attention, bye.

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