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Hard drive for farm mining

# Equipment

Many people ask the question, which hard drive to choose for mining on a GPU farm? Hdd or Ssd? And how much volume? A very common question, which is very easy to answer.

жесткий диск для майнинг фермы

What kind of hard drive for mining

As we know, we have two types of hard drives, ssd and hdd. SSDs are solid state, have higher speed, but at the same price as HDDs with smaller memory capacity.

How big is the HDD for mining? 60 gigabytes is enough.

So, which hard drive is better for mining, hdd or ssd? Both will do, but better ssd!


1. Fast speed, saves time and nerves on power-up, farm restarts, and software installation.

2. More compact size.

3. slightly less power consumption, which reduces the load on your power supply. You won’t notice the difference in the electricity economy from 1 to 5 farms, but if you have 30+, I think there is a difference.

4. The price of SSD for 60 gigobytes is equal to the price of the cheapest HDD. If you don’t do anything on the farm except mining, I think the choice is obvious. Ssd for farm mining is good.

You don’t need more than 60 gb of ssd for mining.

Does the hard drive affect the speed of the mining and the mining itself? GPU and CPU are not affected in any way by the mining itself. But its advantages are described above.

So it’s up to you to decide which hard disk to put in the mining. I wrote the differences from HDD. If, of course, you have an unnecessary working HDD, you can not bother.

Do not forget!

Memory swap from your hard drive for mining (swap file), must be at least 20 gigabytes.

Mining without hard drive

It’s possible from a USB flash drive. But if you have a USB interface below 3.0 (and the flash drive itself), then except for the Linux you will not put anything there. If, for example, you put Windows 7 on 2.0, it will take you 30 minutes to boot the operating system once and 3 hours to install. And about Linux is a separate topic.

If you have the interface usb 3.0 or 3.1 and above and of course the flash drive itself, you can put windows and minimize, but I would not save on matches. Time is more expensive.

If you have questions, ask in the comments.

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Thank you all for your attention, bye.

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