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Setting up the nicehash miner and how to start mining on cpu, gpu 2018

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And so guys, as many people ask me about nicehash mining 2018, decided to write an article about it. What can I say about it, it is more suitable for beginners and novice miners, for more experienced it is not very profitable. What makes nicehash molding better for beginners?

1. Easy to set up.

2. All for the mini currency is transferred to BTC (this is not always profitable for experienced miners).


Everything is tested and described on Windows.

Let’s start with how to minimize and configure the nicehash miner. To start with, you need to download and install the nicehash miner. – Download nayshash miner.

Downloaded it, now we unpack it in a convenient place for you and run nicehashminer.exe and see this.

найсхэш установка

We choose Russian, click the checkbox and OK.

Next will be a warning about the software from claymore and so on, you can not even read, click “I agree”. and starts Downloading of maintainers, waiting for the full download of all maintainers, remember that antivirus can block some files and this is an important point. We have to either disable or restore files with an exception, the whole installation of the nicehash program is finished.

Next Configure nicehash using the nvidia gtx 1060 video card as an example. After everything has been downloaded, we see this:

настройка nicehash

Localization choose the one where you live closer, in our case Europe, then click on Benchmark, it is mandatory. You need the system to test the video cards on the nicehash pool, and choose what is more profitable for it, on the rate, complexity and speed of the video card, but still converted to bitcoin.

While Benchmark is being done, we need to get a nicehash wallet, or rather a bitcoin address where the payments and money will come. That’s why I suggest the exchange… EXMO, is very easy to use, and easy to withdraw.

And so we go to the EXMO exchange, and we register.

регистрация эксмо

click on registration, then

exmo registr

Enter your login password and email, confirm your mail, log in to your account and click “Wallet”.

эксмо биржа

Then where the BTC presses to refill and you see this.

exmo btc

Click Copy address, all exmo nicehash wallet copied now, return to Nicehash program, if the benchmark is made, close it and see.

Окно настроек Nicehash

Where’s the red arrow, insert the bitcoin address we copied above.

Blue arrow – here we write the name of the worker, whatever you like, but on different farms better different names workers.

And press Start!!!

nicehash mining

Yay, nicehash mining has gone, as you can see for today the program chose the air, because it is more profitable in mining today, at the bottom of the window look, earnings per day, and balance. It’s very convenient. Just to check the detailed statistics through the site, click to check the statistics next to the window bitcoin address.

All payments now go to Bitcoin exmo wallet. How to output and withdraw from Nicehash – Output is automatically when you dial the minimum, as well as payments on nicehash:

Nicehash minimum payments on the external wallet.

When dialing a minimum of 0.1 BTC withdrawal occurs once a day.

If 0.1 is gained long with your capacity, then with a minimum of 0.01 BTC there is a withdrawal once a week.

Now about the commission of Nicehash – when withdrawing above 0.1 bit commission is 3%, which is lower than 0.1 btz will be commission 4%. The withdrawal was sorted out.

After the money came to the exmo and you do not know how to withdraw them, for example, on the card then read. – How to output with exmo.

now based on our experience, and other feedback on nicehash miner want to write our opinion:

For beginners, or for those who do not want to bother with other manipulations, but the disadvantages here are, everything is translated into Bitcoin machine on the one hand convenient on the other hand, the rate is always different, for example, you namainililir air, waited and it rose, and so much more profitable, you can manage the currency, especially bad if the price of the air dropped in bits. In general, it is up to you.

I think that’s it, now the answers to popular questions:

Which nicehash uses algorithms for mining?

A: Almost all popular algorithms, of which I can select and list equihash (zec, zcash), ethereum (ether, dagger hashimoto, eth), decred, sia and many others.

Question: Which cards does nicehash work with?

Answer: With all AMD and Nvidia GPU cards that can be minimized, it also supports minimization on the cpu processor.

Question: Does nicehash support dual mining?

Answer: If it is more profitable to mine, it will run dual mining.

Question: Can I work with Nicehash on the 32-bit version of windows?

Answer: many algorithms, for example, work only on 64-bit versions, so it is this very version where you can use mini-mining.

Question: How to set up the autorun of Nicehash?

Answer: First, add the shortcut nasehash to the autorun folder, then check the box in the nasehash settings so that mining starts with the program launch.

I think that’s it. Thank you, everybody. We’re waiting for more articles.

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27 June at 20:24
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