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Atikmdag patcher 1.4.7 (1.4.6, 1.4.5) download

# Software

Greetings friends, I want to provide you with the Atikmdag patcher 1.4.7, 1.4.6, and 1.4.5 applet, which cancels driver signature verification. It is very necessary for those who have AMD cards for mining. It is also called Pixel Clock Patcher in another way, it is for amd (ati) cards, for nvidia it does not exist.

atikmdag patcher

If you do not see the amd graphics card after the firmware or the drivers are not installed. This patch is for you. After flashing the BIOS amd, it is needed indispensably.

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atikmdag patcher

You can download the latest version for windows 10 from the link – Download Atikmdag patcher 1.4.7

Or an older version – download Atikmdag patcher 1.4.6

There is also version 1.4.5 – Download atikmdag patcher 1.4.5

The version of download atikmdag patcher 1.4.4 for amd is already outdated.

And so on they asked for instructions, but why was it? everything is very simple

Amd atikmdag patcher how to use and what is needed for – just download, unpack. Then start, wait when the program finds all the drivers and press “Yes” and then wait. And you’re done!

Usually it is needed after – when drivers are not installed on the AMD video card or error 43 pops up after the firmware (the device reported an error).

If a driver file too large error pops up at startup, then most likely your patcher is older than version 1.4.7, it should also be suitable for new adrenalin drivers.

Attention the latest version of atikmdag-patcher for 2020 is 1.4.7 (source official site), versions 1.4.8, 1.8.8, 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 do not exist! This is a hoax, new versions are usually viruses!

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Video card firmware.

Thanks to all.

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15 August at 17:36
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