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Claymore s neoscrypt 1.2 miner amd gpu download meiner

# Software

New neoscrypt miner for amd from popular claymore developers has been released. Here you can download it and learn about it. Attention, this miner works only on Windows, and only for AMD video cards. If you don’t know, they have a very popular dual meiner for air.-  Claymore dual ETH miner.

Claymore neoscrypt miner

Claymore neoscrypt

Claymore s neoscrypt amd gpu this miner is designed for neoscrypt algorithm, which runs such popular coins as – INN, GBX, TZC, VIVO, FTC, ORB, PXC, HAL and others.

The latest version for today Claymore s neoscrypt amd gpu miner 1.2 for windows, download here. – Download ..

Additions and changes to Claymore s neoscrypt amd gpu 1.2:

– Added support for stratums of servers with more pools

– Added support for AMD RX 550 cards

This neoscrypt miner works only on Windows, and only for AMD video cards.

Pluses of Claymore neoscrypt miner:

+ Fast speed

+ Easy setup

+ Convenient console


– 2% developer commission.

Well, this minus covers the fact that the speed is very fast.

The latest version of Claymore s neoscrypt amd gpu miner 1.2 can be downloaded here.- Download ..

Claymore neoscrypt setting

Claymore s neoscrypt miner setting is simple. After you have downloaded and unpacked, you can edit the config.txt file. And you see in it.

Claymore neoscrypt miner настройка


-Pool and then the pool on which you’re gonna mine.

-Wal and then either a login and through a corker point, this is for pools where you need to register or just a purse address, on simple pools.

-psw and then password from the hacker, if you have an address then just leave x.

I advise beginners not to touch the rest.

If you have any questions, write to the comments. Thank you all and bye.

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