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Xmr stak miner download and setup, suitable for CPU and GPU (Nvidia, amd)

# Software

The new miner from xmr stak, which distinguishes it, it is suitable for all video cards (Amd, nvidia), as well as for processors. Here you can download it and configure it. Also, xmr stak runs on the updated cryptonightv8 and cryptonightv7 algorithms. In case you are not aware of it, the Monero network has updated the algorithm to protect against asycks.Xmr stak

Xmr stak

Xmr stak miner only works on win64 (x64), which we will configure in this article as you have understood xmr stak win64 for gpu and cpu. The old miners that are separate for CPU, AMD and NVIDIA will not work on the new xmr algorithm.

Download xmr stak cryptonightv8 (the new monero algorithm) by clicking here.Download ..

Download xmr stak cryptonightv7 (old) by following the link– Download ..

After downloading, you need to unpack in a place that’s convenient for you. Adjustment for both algorithms is the same). Next we will set up xmr stak bat.

Xmr stak setup

We have 2 ways to do this, either configure xmr stak config and run xmr-stak.exe or create a batnik in xmr stak, it is already created and configured for nanopool, if you have downloaded from us.

Configuring the config txt file or via xmr stak exe is heavier.

After you have downloaded and unpacked the miner, we need to edit the start.bat file by right-clicking on it and changing it.

Xmr stak bat

You’ll see something like this where:

-O and then the address of the pool where you’ll be mining, in our case.

-u and then the wallet address xmr, the corker and email, but there’s one thing, but…

-u ADDRESS.PAYMENT-ID.WORKER/EMAIL – if you dump on the exchange where there is a PAYMENT-ID

-u ADDRESS.WORKER/EMAIL – if you dump on your local wallet or exmo exchange

You leave the rest as is, and you keep it.

Xmr stak how to run

Then you run the start.bat file and the mining goes. You will create 2 files, configs for video card and processor, and a common config.

If you want to disable cpu or gpu separately in xmr-stak:

If you have a processor, you need to go to the cpu.txt file and leave only the “cpu_threads_conf” entry : null,

if you have a video card, you should go to the file nvidia.txt or amd.txt and leave “gpu_threads_conf” : null there,

More detailed monero configuration in articles:

Mining monero on video card

Processor-based monero mining

Thank you, everyone, there are questions, write in comments.

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