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New best optimized Air Miner for nvidia video card

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Hi friends, good news for the owners of video cards nvidia gefore gtx 1060, 1070, 1080 ti, 1050 ti and older versions. We have released a new optimized ether liner for nvidia video cards which gives more speed (after the update the claymore gives the same speed, but there are other advantages), and we decided to check it on the example of palit storm x gtx 1060.

And so it’s ethminer 0.12.0 (0.11.0rc1), we’ll compare it with the popular claymore dual miner etherium 9.7 and as we wrote above on gtx 1060 and choose the best miner for nvidia.

And so we’ll start with a beginner (Optimized Ethminer for Nvidia), everything will be tested on optimal overclocking settings.

Optimized Ethminer for Nvidia лучший майнер

Как видим средняя скорость 24.3 mh/s примерно, что очень даже не плохо.

И теперь наш популярный claymore dual miner etherium 9.7

claymore miner gtx 1060

As we can see, the average speed is about 23.3 mh/s (after the update it was also increased, earlier it was 2 mh/s less), so the speed now is almost the same after the update, but there are many other factors besides speed.

So which miner is better for nvidia? (eth) ethminer 0.11.0rc1 vs claymore dual miner etherium

Let’s consider the pros and cons of ethminer 0.11.0rc1 compared to claymore:

+Faster speed by about 2 mh/s (not anymore, after updating the glue of the sea, the speed is the same).

+No fee for use of miner (1% fee for solo mode and 2% fee for dual mode)

It turns out that earnings are higher on ethminer 0.11.0rc1 because there is more speed and no commission.

But now let’s consider the downsides:

-No dual mode

-Better boring interface, no video card temperature monitoring in the miner.

Also do not forget to play in the new miner with the parameter –cuda-parallel-hash 4, I got the optimal 4, on other cards may be 1.2…8 everything should be tried.

What’s better? I think Claymore because after the update it became mini-mining faster, but only in solo mode, because in dual mode, the maps of nvidiya strongly mode air speed and a large commission of 2%. It turns out that our optimized miner has less advantages than disadvantages.

Download miner for nvidia for broadcasting:

New optimized ethminer – Download ethminer 0.12.0

And claymore miner. – Download Claymore dual miner eth 9.7


So far, I haven’t been able to befriend a meiner with a two-door pool, but it’s fixable.

All tested on Windows 7 x64, palit storm card x gtx 1060, ethermine.org pool.

Now, further on about the new miner for nvidia, the developers say that it is more efficient on gtx 1060 and not much 1070, 1080 less efficient, everything must be tested. Mainer for nvidia will be developed and there will be new versions. Keep an eye on the site, everyone for now.

Read more about the video card that was tested in the article. – Mining test on gtx 1060 palit

If you don’t know how to mine, read – Air Mining for a Beginner


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11 July at 13:11
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