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Claymore s zcash gpu miner amd v 12.6 download and configure the miner

# Software

Introducing the new zcash miner for video cards amd radeon Claymore s zcash gpu miner amd v 12.6 which you can download and configure.

Please note that claymore zcash gpu miner does not work with nvidia cards, and also does not work in dual mining mode, zec miner for nvidia can be downloaded here. – download zec miner nvidia.

What Claymore s zec miner 12.6 is able to do is to naturally mine the currency and zcash algorithm on Amd radeon video cards.

окно майнера claymore miner zcash

Mainer is very popular, he gained his popularity at the expense of the other maenre only eth – claymore s dual miner. And it’s a miner from the same developers. Update to 12.6.

claymore s zcash amd gpu miner 12.6 download the following link – claymore zec miner 12.6

claymore s zcash amd gpu miner 12.5 download here – claymore zec miner 12.5

The plus side of Clymore’s miner is a zkash:

+Nice nice color console interface

+Fast mining speed

+No additional settings required (easy setup)

+Many different teams, to implement different needs

+Shows the GPU temperature of the video card directly in the liner, and also the rotation speed of the coolers

Now about the downsides:

-In order to use the miner, a commission of 2% is taken from the miner.

-Closed source code

The claymore s zcash miner is still very popular, and most of the miners use it.

claymore s zcash amd gpu miner 12.6 download here. – claymore zec miner 12.6

New in claymore zec miner 12.6:

+ support for amd vega cards

+ New ACM mode for rx 460/560 is implemented, which gives +20% to speed

+ New more convenient graphic location of AMD maps, temperature and so on. (now -di detect and -gmap are no longer supported)

+ Added fan and temperature monitoring on new AMD drivers

+ Improved support with farms that have 10 or more video cards, for details of the command -di sorry readme.txt file.

+ Added e key

+ Few system code corrections

New in claymore zec miner 12.5:

+Added all last zcash forks like Zclassic, Zencash, hush.

+Cooler control system has been improved.

+U value Intensity

Now let us proceed to the next step of the article – claymore s zcash amd gpu miner configuration:

Setting up claymore s zcash starts with the fact that of course it should be downloaded.

Then we unpack it in a convenient place and edit the file config.txt.


кофиг клеймор зек

Right click and click to change and you can see the following:

содержимое конфиг файла miner zcash claymore

Here’s the content, set up claymore zcash in order:

-zpool – and after that value we write your pool address, and through a colon your pool port.

-zwal – and after you write the address of your wallet, where your zec coins will be minted, also after the wallet through the point you can specify the name of the workman, for ease of monitoring. example -zwal t1Zizz7dPm4Gez2Z7fMTF1Jm2GxBigP5zkE.rig23

-zpsw – and then the password, you don’t usually need it on all pools, just press the letter z

You do not need to touch the rest, after configuring the zcash miner, save the changes in the file and run the start.bat file.

All mining has gone, if you’re not doing something, I suggest you read a more detailed article for beginners. – Mining zcash.

Now I’ll answer the popular questions:

Q: Is there claymore miner zcash for Nvidia?

A: No, and you will not find it anywhere!

Question: Is it possible to Maymore claymore in dual miner mode, for example eth + zec?

Answer: No! It’s not a dual miner, the zcash in dual rezhidim is not minted.

Thank you all for your attention, before we meet again.

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