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claymore musicoin miner download and setup

# Software

To your attention a slightly tuned claymore musicoin miner, added the necessary commands and so on, based on that claymore of our beloved, I will not tell you all about it for a long time know how musicoin miner works:

musicoin miner

Didn’t you know that?

Download here. – Download musicoin miner.

Setting up musicoin – everything is simple, download the miner at the link above unpack the archive in a convenient place for you, and edit the file start.bat, its contents

bat misicoin

Here I think everything is clear, -epool further the address and port of our pool, -ewal and the address of our wallet muzikoin, -espw x here without changes, on most pools do not need a password, and -eworker and further the name of our wizard in Latin and numbers, for the convenience of monitoring statistics.

There is a detailed guide on how to set up Mining Musicoin, I advise you to read the following link – Mining Musicoin pool.

Basically all, all for now, I also advise to read:

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Help site.

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26 July at 16:39
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