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Claymore s cryptonote cpu miner v 4.0 download and configure

# Software

And so, by many requests, we lay out the miner for the mining of moneros on the processor. A popular liner from the developers of claymore. Claymore cryptonote cpu miner beta runs on Windows operating system, suitable for both x32 and 64-bit systems. Minimize coins on cryptonote algorithm, for example Monero.

claymore cryptonote cpu miner

Claymore cryptonote cpu

Last version yes at the moment 4.0. Download claymore cryptonote cpu miner by following the link – Download.

Download version of claymore cryptonote 3.9 – Download.

Download version of claymore cryptonote 3.8 – Download.

Download version of claymore cryptonote 3.5 – Download.

What’s new in version 4.0:

+ We’ve completely eliminated the mining commission, now it’s gone.

+ Added “-pow7” option for hardcore moneros

What’s new in version 3.9:

+ Fixed problem with Devfee

+ Fixed errors that caused the miner to close.

+ Added parameter -mpsw

What’s new in version 3.8:

+ Fixed bugs, with some multi-core processors

What’s new in version 3.5 beta:

+ Improved code

+ Added work with nicehash

+ Mining speed increased

We’re waiting for updates, new versions will appear here quickly.

Now a little about the pros and cons of xmr claymore cryptonote cpu miner.

The pros and cons:

+ Easy setup

+ Fast speed

+ No need for extra settings, the miner does everything himself.


– The miner has a 2.5% commission (no commission in the new version).

But the fast speed of operation, covers that minus.

Claymore cryptonote cpu setting

Claymore cryptonote cpu miner brief instruction for setting up the miner.

And so after you downloaded the miner by clicking the link. – Download claymore cryptonote cpu. You unpack it anywhere you want. And we now have one main configuration file (in the new version). In our case, the miner is set to nanopool.

Open the file Config.txt. And we see there the pool address and port, wallet address, password. You need to change the pool to your own, as well as your wallet. Now, in order.

We can see that:

Claymore cryptonote cpu настройка

Where -o and then the address and port of the pool, -u and then the address of your wallet, in our case, monero (If you do not have an Exmo exchange, and not a local wallet, you still need to Paymen ID, which you can find on your exchange, an example -u adress.paymen_id). -p and then the password, on most pools it is not needed, so leave x (x).

I think that’s it. What is not clear to ask in the comments. There is a more detailed setup.- Mining monero CPU.

As well as Mining electroneum (etn) cryptonight.

I also advise everyone to see a set of miners for different equipment. – Monero Miners.

Теперь о двух популярных ошибках это:

claymore cryptonote cpu miner not enough memory

claymore cryptonote cpu miner cannot allocate memory

Usually a trivial reboot of the computer or the farm usually helps from these errors. Also try to increase the paging file to 20.000mb. If it does not help, write in comments, we will help.

Thank you all for your attention.

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