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Wolf s cpuminer download and setup

# Software

We would like to provide you with the wolf spuminer by lucasjones wolf where you can download it and show you its settings.

cpuminer multi wolf

Attention! Monero has switched to the new algorithm cryptonightv7, to protect against asykes! Monero classic works on old cryptonight algorithm. You can find the new miner on the page – monero miners.

Wolf cpuminer

Cpuminer multi wolf is intended for mining on the processor of the cryptonight algorithm. For example, the popular Monero (xmr). Miner runs on Windows 64. wolf cpuminer can be downloaded here. – Download (06 12 2014) zip.

There’s also a miner from 05 29 2014- click here.

Wolf s cpuminer setting

It’s as simple as everywhere else, here’s an example of Buttnik.

minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://xmr-eu1.nanopool.org:14444 -u 4Hm3YrYNgczRAP7jbGCZ7vA8XwbBR8DWMU7Bm9FKZqjxQXPPcwMP1kDbK3mtBSdt2c6TmLCPiMSXa39uBiEBwkg4FVLkqwg2M4kUaoKWCh -p x

It’s already in the archives with wolf miners. Let’s take it slow.

-o and then the pool address where you’re gonna mince. In our case Nanopool.

u- and further the address of the minting wallet to which the coins will come.

-p and then the password, you don’t need it on most pools. Leave x.

There is also a detailed guide to configuring – processor-based Monero mining.

As well as mining electroneum (etn) cryptonight.

Well, that’s basically it, so I suggest you look at this. – Collection of cryptonight Monero miners.

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