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New GMiner 2.00 with ProgPow Support

# Software

The latest version of GMiner 2.00 added support for the ProgPow algorithm used in the Super Zero (SERO) project. The ProgPow algorithm is not new, but recently it has been able to attract more attention among miners, including thanks to the SERO project.

It is worth noting immediately that when using GMiner 2.0 for mining on the ProgPow algorithm, you will need to install the latest version of the NVidia CUDA Toolkit, otherwise when you start SERO mining, you will get the error “Failed to initialize NVRTC library”.

Unfortunately, this toolkit for developers has a rather large size (of the order of several gigabytes), although theoretically you can download a small network installer, in which then select only the necessary packages (Runtime Libraries), and thereby avoid downloading and installing unnecessary data, since no real CUDA software development is required of you to start the mining process.

Algorithms previously added to GMiner should work without the Cuda Toolkit, so downloading this package is only necessary if you want to mine SERO.

GMiner software was originally developed as a miner only for NVidia graphics cards, however, in the latest versions of the program, mining using some algorithms is also possible using the AMD GPU. Please note that GMiner comes with closed source code in the form of binaries (executable files) for Windows and Linux, and at the same time, a 2% developer commission is built into the miner.

Download GMiner 2.00 Nvidia

Download Latest Version GMiner 2.00 Nvidia и AMD GPU

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17 March at 1:39
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