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DevilRobber virus mining, hidden mining


is a new mining virus, aka Trojan, which produces hidden mining on the video card and is less common on the processor. In June, it took the 2nd place among the most common viruses.

The malware runs mining in hidden mode on your personal computer or laptop. And for the main money with the help of your hardware, go to the attacker in the wallet.

How to detect a mining virus? – in appearance, no way, you need to monitor the graphics of the GPU CPU load, if you do not work and do not play games and do not mine on your PC, and the video card or processor is loaded to the full, and they are heated strongly or your computer slows down strongly this may be one of the reasons that you have a mining Trojan, and it goes in hidden mode.

How to remove the mining virus?

To begin with, of course, update your antivirus, or rather its virus database.

If it does not help, go to the task manager, and look in the processes, whether there is no left process there. If there is, see where it comes from, close it.

If you do not succeed, you need to contact a specialist, or the easiest way is to reinstall Windows with formatting the hard disk.

But not always when you are mining in hidden mode, this is a virus, sometimes hidden miners are specially launched on the PC, for example, in the offices of employees (so that the boss does not burn), or on servers, or your friends on your computer 🙂 It used to be that the PC repairmen ran this. It is removed in the same way as the virus above.

why are mining programs defined as viruses?

Yes, there is such a thing, but these are not the viruses that secretly mine, these are ordinary miners for you, they just have a commission that deducts 1-2 % to the developer, the antivirus begins to think that this is a trojan stealing power, and there are also many other reasons, but they are not harmful.

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