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Poloniex news, since September, the Bank of Russia? true or not


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were rumors that the popular (2nd place), polonext exchange will start banning all Russian users from September 1. But the information is not yet officially confirmed.  

And so that’s how it all started. A large amount of funds, one Russian trader, was blocked on the exchange. And this is confirmed information. Since the company poloniex is located in the United States, they began to say that it was under sanctions. And later they began to say that he was crookedly withdrawing funds, because of this he received a block. Here we have not been able to find out who is right and who is to blame, the further fate of this trader is not known. 

Then came the news that from the first day, the first month of autumn, polonix will block Russian accounts (not officially confirmed). And the fuel was not added to the fire by the long-standing new rules of the exchange, so that people using the exchange would refuse to file class actions in case of anything. And if you don’t agree with this, delete your account. 

Then the news began to appear that the exchange is not going to stop cooperating and serving Russian users, that this (blocking Russia) is all invented. Here many leave Comments like “The State Duma also promises a lot of things and does the opposite”. Plus, they have shoals that they like to ban miners (100% information), and do not like those who keep currency for a long time, without trading-read more herePoloniex problems, alternative.  In general, here everyone decides for himself (true or not), I decided to withdraw all funds by mid-September. As they say, ” God protects the careful.” And you decide for yourself, I will not argue about this. So withdraw to the local wallets or to other reliable exchanges.

recommend the following exchanges:

EXMO is a good reliable exchange, there are all the major currencies for mining, but there are few alternative currencies. There is a built-in money withdrawal, as well as a profitable withdrawal via EXCODE. Russian language, and a clear interface.

Yobit & mdash; A reliable exchange, many alternative cryptocurrencies. There are built-in withdrawal methods, one of them is on qiwi without commission. Good trading volume. There is a Russian interface.

Cryptopia is a reliable exchange with a large number of alternative cryptocurrencies (EXP, lbry, Sigt, Daxx, and others). Large trading volumes. But English-speaking.

Livecoin is also a good Russian-language exchange, a normal number of currency pairs. 

Also read more about the problems of Poloniex – Poloniex problems, alternative

Thank you all for your attention. And by the way, I advise everyone to invest in bitcoin, read more – How to mine Bitcoin

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23 August at 22:39
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