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Hashflare changing conditions, news payback and profitability


Many have heard the bad news & nbsp; < strong>Hashflare, but it’s not that bad.Hashflare has changed the contracts and terms. Now the cost for 10 gigahashes will be $ 2.40, the script has also risen in price. But the worst thing for us is that all contracts (sha-256, scrypt) are concluded for one year, and all contracts that were concluded earlier will be valid until 31.08.2018, hashflare io has changed the contract terms. Yes, the news is not very good, but it would be better if there was a hashflare scam. No, as I wrote earlier, it pays, and everything works and remains a good and profitable investment of money. 

Why did the hashflare terms change? Because over this year, the cue ball has soared 10 times, asics have risen in price, and a lot of people have started buying power from them. That is, it turns out that 50% is a forced measure, and 50% is in order to cut down more money. Just like we all want to be with you. 

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Hashflare payback

Hashflare earnings remain the same, and it will grow along with the course (the difficulty grows more slowly than the course, and after the release of BCC, it began to grow even more slowly, and this is a plus). The payback period will remain approximately the same 4-6 months. It turns out that this is still a profitable business, and taking into account the growth, very profitable. Hashflare’s profitability is growing, along with ours.

< h2>Hashflare reinvestment

Now as in hashflare reinvest, everything is the same. Only each new contract will be purchased for a year. That is, the speed will increase, but the contract that you signed more than a year ago will disappear. Not as profitable as before, but also very profitable, so that your earnings on the cloud do not end in a year, it will be the same perpetual, but after a year the speed will drop.Good hashflare profitability with 20-25% reinvestment per month.

The profitability of hashflare contracts will grow, and this fact has been known since 2014. So the news is certainly bad, but it’s still a good and profitable investment.

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Thank you all for your attention so far.

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5 September at 20:37
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