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Hashflare cloud mining has lowered prices (latest news)! Discount 2017


< p> hashflare
cloud mining has lowered the price per gigahash, now the payback is faster! That is, now the discount is in 2017. 

Register on 
hashflare, and earn. 

As we remember the last news was – 
Hashflare change of terms, where there was bad news, contracts became urgent, and the price for 10 gigahashes became $ 2.40. As I predicted, they will understand the mistake and return something back. And they lowered the price, and it became almost the same – $ 1.50 per gigahash. So good news for us!

< h2>Hashflare yield

The profitability in 2017 at hashflare is good, there is a great sense to invest and reinvest. And every day it grows. Although the course has sunk a little, believe me, this is the calm before the storm. Soon we will have a good pump. So it makes sense to stock up on the power while the course is weak, very large. Read more about profitability and cloud mining here – 
Reliable cloud mining.And the payback is very fast, by the way….

< h2>hashflare payback

If the price for gigahashes has fallen, then naturally the payback of cloud mining onhashflare < /a> increased. At the moment, it is about 4 – 5 months, which I think is very profitable. It is necessary to increase the profitability and payback, and that your income does not end in a year, you need to reinvest 20-25% of the profit from mining. The scheme is proven. So sign up for & nbsp;hashflare, and earn.

< h3>Hashflare sha256 or script what is better

Often ask me this question, I still think today is better sha 256 aka bitcoin, more profitable and more promising.In general, the blockchain is the future. By the way, read a useful article – How to mine Bitcoin

Thank you all for your attention. Bye bye. 

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19 September at 20:16
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