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Bitcoin Fork on October 25, 2017, Split with Bitcoin gold


Hello miners and traders. As you understand from the title of the article, that soon, and this is October 25, there will be a fork of bitcoin. The same fork that was with Bitcoin cash, there will be the same cloning of the currency, and you can get a profit. How to do this, information later.

Here is more recent news and information on BTG – Mining and how to get Bitcoin gold.

Bitcoin gold

The new currency will be called Bitcoin gold (BTG), not to be confused with XBG. There is information that it will be possible to mine this currency with video cards, without asics. It will run on the equihash (zcash) algorithm. As soon as everything is clear, we will immediately write an article about bitcoin gold mining.

What will be the Bitcoin gold rate is not yet known. But recall that the Bitcoin cash rate in the first week reached $ 1000, which is not bad for profit.

Soon we will write information about where to get a Bitcoin gold wallet and how to use it.

How this will affect the BTC rate is not yet known, but I think the growth is inevitable :).

Thank you all for your attention.

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10 October at 9:40
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