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Bitcoin gold-BUG, mining and how to get a fork and wallet


And so we are talking about the sensational Bitcoin gold (btg). We will tell you the latest news about him, everything that is known and our opinion. Let’s go.

< h2>Bitcoin gold how to get < /h2>

Everyone wants to get btg for free. To do this, you need a BTC wallet with the presence of bitcoins on it. Also on some exchanges there will be auto replenishment of bitcoin gold, look for it.& nbsp;While there is very little information, but on October 24 (according to some data 25), a fork will occur, until this moment, there will be bits on your wallet, for example Electrum. And on the first of November, you will be able to get your btg when the network and wallet are launched. We are waiting for the appearance of the bitcoin gold (BTG) wallet.The receiving process will be the same as on Bitcoin cash. But there are disputes, whether through Seed, or through private keys. Take a look, soon in the next few days a full detailed article on how to get it. By the way, Bitcoin gold is already traded on the exchangeYobit, and you already got your gold there. Which is very strange.  & nbsp;Although some say that the fork has already been! We are waiting for news.

Attention! A detailed article has appeared – How to Get bitcoin gold< / a>.< / span>

< strong>Bitcoin gold wallet

I’ll tell you right away, he’s not here yet. And some scammers take advantage of this. Be careful, wait for the first of November.We will find out which wallets will support bitcoin gold closer to November 1.

< h2>Bitcoin gold mining

While the network is not running, you can still talk about mining. But you can prepare in advance, and so btg mining will be based on the Equihash (zcash) algorithm. Yes, you did not hear it, Bitcoin gold will be mined on video cards (GPU)! So far, it’s hard to say whether this is good or bad. As soon as everything is clear, we will immediately write a detailed article on how to mine bitcoin gold.And so we need to prepare in advance.

Attention! A detailed article appeared – < strong>Bitcoin gold mining< / a>.< / span>< / span>

1. Miners for nvidia – Download. For AMD – Download. Yes, miners from zcash will fit, and will be like Bitcoin gold miners. 

2. Create a wallet (when it appears), or register on the exchange where it will definitely be, and then get a wallet there. It will definitely be on the stock exchange.Yobit< / a>.

3. Find a Bitcoin gold mining pool. So far, there are no such sites, only pre-prepared sites for the pool. We’ll find out later which one is better. 

Since mining will be similar to zkash mining, you can read it here – & nbsp;How to mine Zcash.

< h3>Buy Bitcoin gold

Where to buy BTG? As I wrote above, today there is only one exchange that already trades it – Yobit. It is not yet clear what the price is. But it is still normal. There will be speculation, so hold on, and think.

And so now our opinion about BTG. It seems to be like a popular cue ball, it seems to be possible to mine on video cards, and not asics. Which, by the way, are now hard to get. So what to wait for? On the one hand, it seems that it will be popular, and on the other hand, if you look through the eyes of a miner, how will it differ from the same ether, except as a name? Maybe the same viola? In general, it is difficult to guess here, we will wait and see. 

Thank you for your attention.

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23 October at 17:38
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