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The law on mining, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Russia


< p>The Ministry of Finance, on its official website, published a draft law on the regulation of digital assets. Well, in our opinion, the law on mining, bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Russia. You can read it on the official website of the Ministry of Finance. We will analyze it briefly, clearly. And we will also write our point of view on how this will be tracked.

1. < strong>Cryptocurrency mining – this will relate to entrepreneurial activity, that is, you need to register an individual entrepreneur. And if I have all one farm? Whether they will work out this moment. 

2. Now those who own cryptocurrency exchanges must be legal entities

3. Tokens (ICO) can only be issued by sole proprietors or legal entities, and must also disclose all information about their activities(their face, information about the validator, and so on).

4. Exchange of cryptocurrencies< / strong> – for other cryptocurrencies or real money (rubles, dollars), is allowed only on exchanges registered in Russia.

And so, about mining. I think small miners will be impossible to track. No matter how hard they try. Or it will be very difficult, the reasons are long to tell. 

And I am also interested in the exchange of cryptocurrencies, it is also difficult to track here. After every transfer of rubles to your card, they will not be interested in where it comes from. Depends on the quantity. Moreover, the exchange through the services works like this – you throw off, for example, bitcoin to the service, to their wallet. And the owner of the service simply has money on the card, and he sends it to you on the card. For what is not known, maybe for an iPhone. 

And the most interesting thing is that nothing has been written on taxes yet. 

So the methods of fighting will probably be funny. Do you have an opinion? Write in the comments.

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25 January at 16:42
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