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Detecting miners in Russia


In Russia, they create a system for detecting miners!

In general, they want to track the alleged way-the Miners use the same amount of electricity and traffic. Like, they want to keep track of these principles. 

I think even if they can create such a system (although I do not believe it). Then there will be more of those who steal electricity, put magnets, muddle with meters, make strokes. And they will go to a loss with this system. 

But again, electricity is easier, you can check those who just have a lot of electricity goes to unknown needs, and about the traffic is complete nonsense, except for mining, we use:

Remote control, always in different ways.

Update of miners, drivers, antivirus, and so on.

So I think it will not work out somehow. They also want to come up with special quotas and tariffs for manners.

They want to finalize this document before the first of February!!!

As we wrote earlier, Min Fin developedlaw on mining, cryptocurrency in Russia< / a>.

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26 January at 17:25
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