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Montero is a hard fork that would earn Claymore….

In the Monero network, a hard fork was held to counteract Asic miners, well, many have already written about this, and so on and so forth. This happened on block 1546000. Immediately after that, for example, Monero classic appeared, that is, the old version of monero, where asics will work. And other forks. You also need to wait for all the pools to be updated. 
For those who mine Moneo (XMR), on miners from Claymore. The updated miner is not needed, you need to add to the cofig (the miner must be the latest version for gpu 11.3, CPU 4.0):< / div>

-pow7 1

As a result, you will get approximately the following:
-o ssl://xmr-eu1.nanopool.org:14433
-u 4Hm3YrYNgczRAP7jbGCZ7vA8XwbBR8DWMU7Bm9FKZqjxQXPPcwMP1kDbK3mtBSdt2c6TmLCPiMSXa39uBiEBwkg4FVLkqwg2M4kUaoKWCh.rig1
-p x
-pow7 1

Latest Monero Miners: 
For the processor –   & nbsp;Claymore cryptonote cpu miner 4.0 download< / div>

For the video card – Claymore s CryptoNote GPU Miner 11.3 download< / div>

Any questions or suggestions? write in the comments. 
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7 April at 10:39
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