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Tether perspective, now there is a USDT output directly to fiat


Recently, we continue to observe a significant decline in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. Among analysts, there is a growing opinion that the transition of traders to stablecoins is one of the main reasons for the market collapse. 

If we consider the capitalization of stablecoins, the leading position is undoubtedly occupied by USDT, despite the total collapse of the market, its capitalization remained at the level of January. 

The interest is increased by the fact that the company Tether which is the legal entity of the stablecoin. USDT has returned the possibility of direct withdrawal to the US dollar without intermediaries (but verification is required), as well as direct purchase of tokens. The fact that the USDT stablecoin is traded on 400 platforms indicates a great prospect. It seems that stablecoins with less volatility will further create competition for highly volatile cryptocurrencies.

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29 November at 10:17
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