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3 and 4 gigs do not mine ether?


3 and 4 gig cards no longer mine ether? In December (11.2018), many faced a problem, 1060 3 gb do not mine the ether. The same problem can be with 4 gb from AMD.

We usually see the following errors: 

CUDA error – cannot allocate big buffer for DAG. Check readme.txt for possible s
GPU 0, CUDA error 11 – cannot write buffer for DAG< / div>

not enough gpu memory to place dag, you cannot mine this coin with this gpu< / div>

3 and 4 gigs do not mine ether, ispralem. 

First, update your claymore dual miner to the latest version (12.0), href=”https:/articles/16-claymore-s-gpu-dual-miner-etherium-amd-nvidia-skachat-sia-decred-lbry-pascal-8-0.html” target= “_blank” rel= “noopener noreferrer” > < strong>download here< / a>.

what is interesting in the new version:

— for 2 and 3 gb cards, the commission (dev fee)now it is equal to 0< / p>

& mdash; the commission for the dual mode is reduced to 1%< / p>

& mdash; reduced the required video memory (DAG), which would be longer to mine the ether on 3 gb

The update helped me. If it didn’t help you, add the command “-eres 0” to Bat, without quotes, it helps a lot. Example:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth-ru2.dwarfpool.com:8008-ewal 0xa5d7d2df351ecade0ea7f5886cfffa8d5eec3f79-epsw x-eworker flex2-allcoins 1-dcri 50-dpool stratum+tcp://xvg.blake2s.com:8888-dwal DNMzb2Lymk28H7ccR6xrFH3nP2B7sYQ1PG-dcoin blake2s-dpsw c=XVG-allpools 1-eres 0

If you have any problems, write in the comments or on < strong>forum< / a>.

< / div>

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24 December at 15:24
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