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Cryptoapi exchange will resume its work at the end of March


< p>Rob Dawson, who is the co-founder of the crypto exchange Cryptopia, said that the company will soon resume its work. Recall that the server was hacked. The crypto community has lost all its financial resources. Specialists paid special attention to this aspect. They are ready to perform a complete overhaul of the service, so that the platform will work without failures and the possibility of hacking. Recently, the site has been working for several hours without prior notification of users. During this period, about 10 bitcoins were earned.

Currently, users can only log in to their account for the following purposes:

  • see the balance;< / li> < li>change passwords;< / li> < li>cancel active orders.

People who lost their financial resources as a result of hacking the service, employees of the exchange promise to reimburse everything. In their accounts, you will see detailed instructions on how to withdraw money. Attention! There will be no transaction IDs. The crypto community will receive Cryptopia Loss Marker (CLM) tokens to its accounts. They will fully correspond to the lost amount. To find out more detailed information, users will receive an email. 

Previously, the damage amounted to 9.4% of the New Zealand exchange Cryptopia’s own assets. Experts working at the well-known analytical company Elementus claim that the exchange’s losses amounted to $16 million in Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens. Since the Cryptopia crypto exchange plans to resume its activities at the end of March, users will be able to get not only lost funds, but also earnings. And this is not surprising, because experts have paid special attention to protecting the service from hacking. 

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23 March at 11:41
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