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Monero Hard Fork


In recent years, the Monero cryptocurrency is very often subjected to various changes, on the part of the creators. They are working on changing the CryptoNight algorithm. This is necessary to counter various asics in mining.
Basically, Cryptonight does not make any significant changes to the algorithm. This contributes to the fact that the manufacturer of ASICs can produce various mining equipment that will be suitable for different CryptoNight algorithms.
Manufacturers have worked hard to develop the latest algorithm, called RandomX mining, which contributes to breaking this circle. This algorithm differs from the previous one by a higher degree of protection from ASIC miners. They also optimize the version of the Cuda miner. The OpenC version, which is intended for AMD graphics cards, has not yet been developed. At the moment, this is problematic. A specialized API-ASM (GCN) is required here.
If this is actually the case, then various obstacles will arise. First of all, to create an optimized miner, which is intended for AMD video cards. And owners of such video cards as Radeon and Vega will need to leave Monero mining altogether.
When you manage to switch to the Ethereum variant, which is the only one, you can change the algorithm from Ethash to ProgPoW. If desired, you can simply switch to POS mining.
The Nvidia graphics card lags far behind the other options in terms of energy efficiency. This may contribute to the fact that such video cards as AMD Polaris, Vega will no longer be relevant for mining cryptocurrencies.
The transition of the Monero Hard Fork to the RandomX algorithm will be carried out around the fall of 2019
You can track the processing of miners for RandomX here reddit.com.

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26 May at 19:19
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