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Hashing 24 Review


After the appearance of bitcoin in 2008 and the rapid growth of its rate in the following years, the mining of cryptocurrencies became extremely profitable. However, mining with high productivity requires entire farms of expensive equipment. Not everyone is ready to immediately invest such amounts in mining, and it is not easy to maintain a cryptocurrency farm. Therefore, cloud mining was invented: an entire company creates and maintains a farm for mining cryptocurrency, and investors rent its capacity for a fee. As it turned out, this method of mining is even more profitable, because the equipment for the farm is bought by the company in bulk, and it is located in areas with a low cost of electricity.
Hashing24 stands out among cloud mining services. It will be discussed in detail in this article.

About the company

Platform Hashing24 was opened in 2012 and is used for cloud mining of bitcoin. Despite the prestige and popularity of the company in the circles of miners, Hashing24 does not try to produce its own products for farms, but openly declares the use of BitFury equipment for the most part. And this is its main advantage, because BitFury products occupy a leading position in terms of performance among mining systems around the world.Another advantage of Hashing24 is the location of farms in Georgia and Iceland, countries with low cost of renewable energy. In addition, Iceland has a cold climate, so the cooling of mining equipment can occur naturally.
The use of high-efficiency equipment and location in places with cheap electricity resulted in a third advantage for Hashing24. For the same price, this cloud mining service offers more capacity than other companies that incur more losses in the process of servicing farms.

Hashing24 service Features

Registration in the Hashing24 online service takes place in a few clicks and does not require a high level of computer skills, and the minimum threshold for purchasing capacity allows even a beginner with a small capital to make a profit. For greater reliability, deals with insurance payments in the event of emergencies are available. The service itself is translated into 8 languages, including Russian.
The account in the service is replenished by means of MasterCard and Visa bank cards, OKPay or non-cash bank transfer. Funds are accepted in dollars, euros, and bitcoin. In the service itself and when withdrawing from it, only bitcoin is used, which helps to avoid losses due to an accidental change in the exchange rate.
The withdrawal is made with a minimum amount of 0.002 BTC, and the permanent commission for the transfer is 0.001 BTC. Therefore, it is more profitable to withdraw large amounts after a long accumulation, or at first spend the profit on additional capacity purchases.
Technical support of the service works around the clock. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the service either on the website itself or via email.

< h2>Registration on the Hashing24 service

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to register on Hashing24. To do this:

    < li>Go toofficial website of the service and select the appropriate interface language in the upper right corner;< / li>

  1. Click on the “Register” button next to the language selection;< / li>
  2. Choose full registration or login via Google+ or Facebook;< / li>
  3. In the first case, fill in the registration fields (email, password, country of residence);< / li>
  4. Go to the specified email address and open the received email;< / li>
  5. Follow the link in the email and come up with a PIN code of four characters (it is important to remember it, since it is not restored or replaced).




Using the service

Despite the fact that immediately after registration, the user is offered a contract for the rental of capacity, it is first recommended to fill in the profile data and protect it from hacking. To do this, go to “Settings”, fill in the suggested fields, and activate two-step authentication. Thanks to the latter function, when you log in to your personal account, the user will receive a code to the specified phone number. Without this code, access to the profile will be closed, so the chance of fraudsters ‘ penetration is reduced to zero.
However, for even greater security, Hashing24 has provided for automatic logout after a certain time of inactivity of the user. By default, you log out of your personal account after 10 minutes of inactivity, but you can manually select a value from 5 minutes to an hour, or disable this feature altogether.
After such actions, you can proceed to top up your wallet within the service and purchase contracts. There are two ways to purchase capacity:

  • Purchase of “new” contracts directly from the service at the established rates;< / li>
  • Purchase of contracts at auction from other users. This method is more complicated, but usually cheaper than the first one.< / li>< / ul>

    After the purchase, the active contracts are displayed in your personal account. There is also a withdrawal of funds, a history of the balance and the help of a technical specialist.

    Mining calculator

    To approximately calculate the profitability and analyze the effectiveness of investments, you can use the online calculator directly on the Hashing24 service. After entering some data, it will calculate the net income for the day, week, and month. In mid-2019, the average annual return is 36 %, so the investment pays off in almost two years.
    However, when using the calculator, it should be remembered that the obtained figures are not always achieved in reality. Due to the constant increase in the complexity of bitcoin mining, the benefit from investing in mining decreases, but due to the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate, it increases. So the calculator can both overestimate and underestimate the real profit.

    Deposits and withdrawals

    To pay for the maintenance of the contract, you need to top up your wallet inside the service. For this, you can use not only external funds, but also the profit from the contract, which is accrued daily.
    Withdrawal of funds, as mentioned, is carried out from 0.002 BTC an unlimited number of times per day. A withdrawal request is usually processed within 24 hours. This, firstly, allows you not to load the server in order to avoid technical problems. And secondly, it helps to prevent fraud (a real user has time to cancel the withdrawal request in case of hacking).


    During its operation, Hashing24 has collected a lot of positive reviews that confirm that this is really cloud mining, and not an imitation of activity. Hashing24 contracts are bought not only by beginners with a small deposit, but also by professional investors with huge capital, who receive significant profits. In any case, Hashing24 is a real opportunity to earn income from cloud mining of cryptocurrency.

    Other cloud mining services

    Hashing24 is not the only platform for cryptocurrency mining. Here are some of its competitors:

    • IQMining is one of the most popular services that can provide revenue of up to 130% per year. The advantage of this service is the mining of more than a hundred cryptocurrencies at the same time, which allows investors to earn more on changing the exchange rate.
    • HashFlare – also popular with investors. The company independently produces mining equipment and provides them not only to its own farms, but also to the farms of its partners. Mining of several currencies is available, but there is almost no free capacity, which is the disadvantage of this service.
    • Genesis Mining – one of the first cloud mining services. The quality of service is confirmed by years of successful activity and positive reviews, but there is no spare capacity for any of the five available cryptocurrencies. So it is extremely difficult for beginners to start working on this service.

    When choosing a service for investing, you should not forget about the regular appearance of” fake ” enterprises that collect funds from investors for several days, and then close. It is these services that usually make the most profitable offers, which as a result lead to the loss of funds by investors.
    It is better to choose from those services that have been successfully operating for at least a year and have collected a lot of positive reviews. This way you can avoid the risk of both total and partial capital loss.

    Thus, Hashing24 is a popular, and most importantly, a working bitcoin cloud mining service. A lot of reviews confirm the solvency of this company and the complete safety of investments with a high probability of payback and profit.

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