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Yandex mistakenly put the label


Once again, Yandex never ceases to surprise with its algorithms, and put a label on the site that the site about mining is a malicious P. O. But it is not there, I personally checked the site in all sorts of services, virust total, ran the antivirus site and all the files, everything is fine. I wrote to Yandex support Platon, I’m waiting for a response for 3 days, it’s a shame that the traffic has sunk, only I have overcome the limit of 10,000 people per day and here is such a setup from Yandex, I lose money for the development of the mining project.

I hope this problem will be solved, and you do not worry, the site is checked everything is fine with it, these are glitches of Yandex. Thank you all for your attention so far.

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Author: Admin
23 June at 21:35
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