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Hi friends, this week I updated some articles, added some things, changed some things and fixed them.

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the way, who has not yet updated their Claymore dual miner to version 9.7, be sure to update (it gives more speed), and see what you added to the article – Download Claymore s dual miner 9.7

Next, we added an interesting program for overclocking and downvolt on AMD video cards – Download wattool 0.92

We also added an overview of the Ethminer and Claymore dual miners – Optimized Nvidia miner

We also added an optimized nvidia miner for ether mining to the files – Download Ethminer 0.11. 0rc1

Now we do not have a direct link to download the zkash miner to the maps of Nvidia, but a page with a description and settings – Download ewbf s cuda zcash miner

The same applies to the zcash miner for amd from claymore – Download claymore s zcash gpu miner v12. 5

Now about the plans, I plan to write 3-4 interesting articles, and start doing a little bit on the site itself, add some buns and plugins, optimize the code, SEO, sections, and so on.

Also, a lot of people began to be added to Skype and ask a lot of questions, also a lot of questions about setting up in the comments, which led to a comment of 100 pages, and some questions are repeated, which is bad for loading the site, and seeing it in search engines. And in addition, I can not have time to answer everyone, there are too many of you, and I still have articles to write and do the site, so I think to make a FORUM so that the questions are not repeated 20 times, so that I would have more time for more useful things, and that other users would share their experience. How do you think creating a forum is the right solution? The answer is in the Comments.

< p> Thank
you all for your attention and comments.

Also, if you really like the site and have a desire to help, then read – Help for the site.

It is also unforgettable to share the site in social networks, there are even buttons, it helps me well in development)

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13 July at 17:13
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