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New articles for the weekend and the beginning of the week.


Over the past weekend and the beginning of the week, several new interesting articles were written and files were added, so take a look.

most important thing that I just wrote is an article about cloud mining, whether it is profitable or not, and how to get started, read more – Reliable cloud mining of cryptocurrency 2017.

The first thing that I was asked for a long time is an article on how to mine libra, a good coin for miners on nvidia but also suitable for amd miners read more – lbry mining.

Also, several miners have been added to this article, since there is no way to mine without them, this is 2 miners:

Download Nvidia cuda lbry ccminer

Download lbry amd cg miner

Just as libra works well on the exchange cryptopia, we wrote an article about the withdrawal from it, read more – Withdraw money from cryptopia.

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While everyone is waiting for new packs, a couple of more algorithms for mining and something else interesting will be added to the next one. Thank you all.

If you want to help the project, then go to the section – Help for the site.

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19 July at 11:59
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