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RTX 2080 (ti), mining speed

# Equipment

What do we know today about the 2000 series RTX from nvidia in mining? While these cards have not been officially sold in Russia, we are looking for information on foreign sources. 

And so I will not describe in detail the technical point, who needs to be found on the Internet. But so far, without optimized miners and software, we see such results.

< strong>RTX 2080 ti < /strong> the speed of mining in the air is 50-57 mh/s (depends on the version)

Let’s compare it to a GTX 1080 ti – 32 mh/s in stock, but with a 50 – 55 mh/s tablet at a cost of 1/3 less. (read more about the tablet – tablet for increasing hashrate by 1080 (ti))

The consumption of the RTX 2080 ti is slightly less, somewhere around 10 watts (170 watts).

Other algorithms RTX 2080 ti-x16r 36-38 mh/s, Equihash 1000 sol/s.

< strong>RTX 2080 & nbsp; here the mining speed in the air is 42 + – mh/s

But its consumption is only 105 watts, which is a very good result. And the price is 1/3 less than the RTX 2080 ti.

Other algorithms – x16r 25 mh/s, Equihash 680 sol/s.

< p>GTX 1080 without tablet 22-24 mh/s, with tablet 32-34 mh/s. (read more about the tablet – tablet for increasing hashrate by 1080 (ti))

A small summary, provided that electricity is expensive, the RTX 2080 is a good option. Given the fact that there is no optimized software for these cards. 

< p> & nbsp; We are waiting for optimization and information about RTX 2070. 

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5 October at 15:11
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