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AMD Radeon vega 7-the best upgrade for mining?

# Equipment

A long-awaited event for cryptocurrency miners who appreciate high PC speed will be the release of a new video card from the largest manufacturer of microchip electronics. Soon AMD Radeon vega 7 (gfx906) will appear on the market. The recommended price of this model for American users is $ 699, and for residents of Europe and Russia – 800€.

As soon as the graphics cards with 7nm GPUs come out of the box, users will be able to evaluate their performance. The developers claim that it will reach 90 Mh/s on algorithms such as Ethereum and Ethash. After installing AMD Radeon 7, mining will be much faster and more efficient.
The memory of the new product will be 16 GB, it will be able to cope with any tasks of crypto-mining without additional overclocking. Thanks to the HBM2 memory, equipped with a 4096-bit bus, and a clock frequency of 1000 MHz, the processing of cryptocurrency transactions will take place in a matter of seconds.
AMD specialists are confident that the high performance of the AMD Radeon 7 graphics card will affect the speed of miners with both the Ethash algorithm and other protocol functions.

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26 February at 16:27
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