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Off Firmware for overclocking Bitmain Antminer S9

# Equipment

< p>Bitmain Antminer S9 for Bitcoin mining are now the most common asics. Their popularity is due not only to the long production and life cycle, but also to the fact that in 2017 there was a mining boom, when sales of such equipment broke all sorts of records. During this time, such modifications of the asic as the S9i, S9j, and S9 Hydro appeared on the market. Each subsequent model offered a larger hashrate relative to the base version, which had a hashrate of around 14TH/s. The most advanced model, the S9 Hydro, uses liquid cooling and has a hashrate of up to 18Th/s. At the end of May this year, Bitmain officially released the firmware for the S9 series of ASICs, which provides the ability to overclock in frequency, which in turn contributes to an increase in the asic hashrate by 2 TH/s.

Before you start updating the firmware, you need to make sure that the power supplies that are connected to the asics have the necessary power. Must be at least 1400 watts. If the Asic is unstable, or the hashrate is more than 5% lower than the factory indicators, in no case should you increase the frequency of operation of the chips, as this can cause much less stable operation or even complete failure of the equipment.

Although the firmware is designed for all generations of Asic models S9, S9i, S9j, however, it requires a control board Xilinx7010. If your hardware has a C5 control board installed, then the update will simply not be installed. If you still really need overclocking, you should resort to third-party firmware, as an example, Braiin OS is perfect for C5.

< p>You can download the firmware with the ability to overclock S9 models via the official website.

To update S9 to the latest version, follow these steps::

    < li>Enable Asic and go to the control panel;
  • Find the tab “System”- “Upgrade”; < / li>
  • Through the menu “Flash new firmware image” point to the pre-loaded file of the latest firmware;< / li>
  • Click on “Flash image”;< / li>
  • Do not disconnect the integrated circuit from the power supply when updating.

New features will appear in the” Miner Configuration ” after the update.

< strong>Operating modes

The following modes are available for the user to choose from:

    < li>Normal mode, which is also available on previous versions without the ability to change the performance of asic.< / li> < li>Unchanged Lower Voltage, which reduces the voltage that is applied to the asic chips, which reduces power consumption and slightly reduces the hashrate. It is necessary for more stable operation, if your asic did not work stably.< / li> < li>Low Power Enhanced Mode, which means the maximum reduction in power consumption of the integrated circuit. In the case of the S9 model, the losses will be 4.5 TH/s, and in the S9i and S9j 3.5 TH/s.< / li>< / ul>

    In addition, you can choose to reduce the performance of the integrated circuit in the range from -0.5 to -3 TH/s.

    It is likely that many will install the update not to reduce, but to increase the hashrate, which is facilitated by the new firmware. This can be done in the range of 0.5-2 TH/s in increments of 0.5 TH/s.

    Power supply power

    Before you start experimenting to increase the hashrate, you should check the power of the PSU of your ASIC, since the manufacturer provides a number of restrictions:

    • In the case of a 1400 W PSU, the hashrate can be increased by no more than 0.5 TH/s
    • In the case of a 1600W PSU, an increase up to 2TH/s is possible< / li>
    • The Antminer T9 will require 1600 and 1800 W PSUs, which is 200 W more than the S9.< / li>< / ul>

      The first miners who switched to the latest firmware and resorted to overclocking, reported that the hashrate can be increased even by more than 0.5 TH/s, that is, instead of the expected indicator of 14TH/s at the maximum possible power, you can get 16.5 TH/s.

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